Beryl Okundi

Beryl has over 23 years of work experience in the Corporate, Development and Government Communications; Advertising, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and brand building sectors;- Advocacy, outreach, Knowledge Management, Editing, Publishing Event management, 360-degree strategy development and public affairs sectors. Additionally, her demonstrated ability to coach and lead high-performance PR teams renders her a valuable addition to the Inua Kike Board and Advisory team.

Her experience includes the following; 
• Ability to develop strategic communications plans, generating multimedia and communication materials (brochures, banners, newsletters/monthly publications, campaigns, press releases), producing web and social media content in the form of photos, videos and write-ups for website, facebook and twitter, and developing targeted presentations to communicate key messages and initiatives throughout my distinguished career in communications and various Public Relations roles

• Effective work planning and budgeting and ability to develop brand and marking plans• Fine-tuning knowledge of traditional and new media channels to accelerate messaging; developing and managing website content to expand communications and buzz.

• Communicating with key stakeholders and partners to gather information and develop targeted communications tools while consistently achieving organizational goals and objectives

• Demonstrating outstanding verbal and written communication skills while thriving in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments

• Communications crisis management, internally and externally
In the past she has worked with the following leading and reputable organisations;  Jubilee Insurance, Gina Din Corporate Communications, Bertolli & Associates, MNET East Africa, Rhino Ark Charitable Trust and East African Standard. Beryl is a holder of a diploma in Journalism and Masters in Public Relations and Organisational Communication.   She is currently an employee of the Nairobi City County Government.