Inua Kike

Registered Community-Based Organisation

About us

Established in 2016, INUA KIKE (Swahili word for Women Rising) is a Grassroots girls and women focused Community Based Organization with offices in Mathare, Nairobi-Kenya that focuses on inclusive empowerment of women and girls (with/without disabilities) to realize their full potential, worth and strength socially, economically and civically through advocating for their human and social justice rights.

INUA KIKE recognizes that the government of KENYA has made significant strides in promoting Gender Equality (SDG 5) but we still have gender issues that affect their full participation in decision-making, especially in urban informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya. This presents both challenges and opportunities for girls & women’s empowerment; INUA KIKE sees more opportunities than challenges throughout this journey and we understand that these significant strides being made by the government and other actors towards gender equality are being increasingly challenged by women and girls' economic dependency, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), conflict, and insensitive laws and policies.


A world in which women and girls realize and embrace their full potential, strength and worth.


To advance women and girl’s social, economic and civic rights.


We practice Integrity, Inclusion, Teamwork and Excellence as we pursue our mission.

Mission objectives

Main Objectives

  • Increase accessto education by vulnerable girls and women in our target communities.
  • Promote Mental Health wellnessfor girls and women in our target communities.
  • Enhance knowledge and skillsfor girls and women in our target communitiesto achieve their full potential, strength and worth.
  • Enhance economic empowerment of vulnerable girls and women, their families and communitiestowards gender equality.
  • Improve protection of girls and women from gender based violence
  • Increasethe capacityof girls and womenindecisionmaking, and the communities they are from toengage anddemand theirrights aswell asbuildthe capacityofthe duty bearersto respect, protect, promote and fulfill these rights.
  • Enhance organizational capacity to deliver its objectives and strengthen itsrelationship with partners

Success Story - Inua Kike Celebrates Graduation of 1st and 2nd Cohorts

On 14 March 2020, Inua Kike celebrated the hard work and accomplishments of our first two cohorts. These 14 women went through the entire Somesha Kike process, sat for their KCSE’s and received their certificates. Alongside special guests, teachers, and staff, the Inua Kike Fellows were acknowledged and celebrated for their sacrifice and determination to reach this important milestone.

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