Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

Kike Dhidi Ya Dhuluma Program

The program focused on the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls is aimed at addressing the serious and ongoing challenge of violence that women and girls face in urban informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya. INUAKIKE leading this effort works to develop, promote, and enforce appropriate mechanisms to prevent, protect, and respond to violence against women.

Elimination of violence

Key objectives and
strategies of the program


INUAKIKE mobilizes, organizes, and strengthens grassroots networks, structures, and mechanisms to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG) at all levels. This involves establishing and/or strengthening community working groups and VAWG resource centers.


The program ensures an effective response to cases of VAWG by establishing multi-sectoral community VAWG working groups. These groups include representatives from the government, women and girls’ groups, and youth groups to collaborate on combating violence.


The primary beneficiaries of the program are poor, vulnerable women and girls in urban informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya. These women and girls may face challenges such as economic dependency, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), conflicts, and insensitive laws and policies.

Secondary beneficiaries

The program also extends its support to households headed by women and girls, including widowed individuals fostering or taking care of vulnerable children, girls, youth, and men. In such households, women and girls often serve as the main breadwinners.

Livelihood and well-being improvement

 The primary goal of the program is to target the improvement of livelihoods and well-being for vulnerable women, girls, and their families, as well as their communities. This includes providing a range of services to support their overall well-being.


Overall, INUAKIKE is committed to serving its beneficiaries with various initiatives that address the root causes of violence against women and girls, as well as providing support and resources to empower them economically, socially, and legally. By working at the community level and collaborating with various stakeholders, the program aims to create lasting change and contribute to the elimination of violence against women and girls in Kenya.