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Thematic Area


Education for a girl child is critical since girls are make a significant contribution in families and the communities as future mothers and parents who are expected to care and nurture future generations in any community. Education of a girl child has great benefits not only to herself but also her future family since they are expected to sire and nurture children, who are the future of any society; nevertheless, education of a girl is under threat due to challenges within the school, family and the community that retention and hamper completion of her studies by causing early drop out.

Mission objectives
Thematic Area

2.Leadership and Governance

We envision a world where empowered girls and women take up the lead role to addressing gender inequalities and promote informational leadership and development for a just society. Our leadership and governance program seeks to give birth to a new generation of women leaders, ensure that girls and women actively participate in decision making activities within their communities, increase the number of women in leadership positions (decision making positions as we work towards the two third gender rule which is far from realization), be they appointed, elected or nominated in both institutional and political spaces as much as creating safe spaces for girls and women to be involved in public participation processes.

Thematic Area

3.Social Entepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship Program is structured to offer entrepreneurship training workshops for girls and young women living in extreme poverty both in and out of school context.

One Girl at a time social enterprise training program provides critical business tools and knowledge to improve lives and help reduce unemployment rates in informal settlements and devastated rural areas of Kenya. Each year, INUA KIKE leads four-week business skills training courses for girls and young women in schools and out of school settings. For participants, the program provides a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, how businesses are created and developed in different contexts and the role of education on economic development.

Thematic Area

4.Elimination Of Violence Against Women And Girls

Ending violence against women and girls remains one of the most serious and ongoing challenges worldwide. INUA KIKE focuses on Elimination of Violence against Women & Girls in urban informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya by facilitating development, promotion and enforcement of appropriate mechanisms for prevention, protection and response to violence against women.