Education and Knowledge

The program seeks to enhance Kenyan women and girls’ access to education and information in order to build their capacity to claim and enjoy their rights. INUA KIKE uses different platforms to raise awareness on legal and human rights, provide spaces for girls and women education, provide formal and informal vocational training, and share research information on issues affecting women and girls or community development.

Through raising awareness on issues such as legal, gender and human rights INUA KIKE empowers women to identify injustices carried out towards them and take action. Subsequently, women have tackled violations such as illegal property inheritance and Domestic Violence. INUA KIKE also provides further support in their respective pursuit for justice through sharing information on legislative and judicial structures.


Primary beneficiaries:

Poor, vulnerable women and girls, with or without disabilities from the urban informal settlements and interior rural areas of Kenya challenged by women and girls' economic dependency, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV), conflict, insensitive laws and policies.

Secondary beneficiaries:

Households headed by women and girls/widowed fostered, fostering/taking care of vulnerable children, girls, youth and men. The women and girls are the main bread winners.

INUA KIKE targets the improvement of livelihood and wellbeing of the vulnerable women and girls, girls and their families including their communities. INUA KIKE remains committed to serve its beneficiaries with a range of services for the improvement of their well-being.