Education for a girl child is critical since girls are make a significant contribution in families and the communities as future mothers and parents who are expected to care and nurture future generations in any community. Education of a girl child has great benefits not only to herself but also her future family since they are expected to sire and nurture children, who are the future of any society; nevertheless, education of a girl is under threat due to challenges within the school, family and the community that retention and hamper completion of her studies by causing early drop out.

1.In-School Programs

Primary and Secondary Level Keep A Girl-Child In School Program

Almost 1.13 million children of primary school age (6 to 13 years old) are out of school in Kenya, according to an Out-of-School Children Initiative study conducted in Kenya in 2020. The situation has worsened due to the impact of COVID-19 related school closures, followed by drought in many of the focus counties. As we work towards getting more children to join schools, we should work hard towards creating safe and comfortable spaces in school, community and family level for the pupils already in school.
The Keep a girl-child in school program is a tailor-made program for primary and secondary public schools in informal settlements and the devastated rural areas of Kenya. It is structured to handle factors from the school, community, and family settings that contribute to a high level of girl-child school drop-outs.

The Program involves the following;

1. School uniform distributions to the needy school-going kids preferably in the Upper Primary Section.
2. Distribution of sanitary towels to school-going girls with this particular need in primary and secondary school sections.
3. Mentor-ship sessions on SGBV, life skills & reproductive health emphasizing on menstrual hygiene for the girls in both primary and secondary sections.
4. Engagement sessions with the girls’ parents, school administration and the girls themselves on household equality, safe spaces for the pupils both in school and at home aiming at improving and strengthening teachers, parents, and pupils’ relationships.
5. Local Administration and the community representatives Engagement on creating a safe environment between the school and homes for the girls and the school pupils at large.
6. School fees sponsorship for girls in high school and tertiary institutions.

2.Out of School Program

A Second Chance to Education Program

Our Second Chance to Education Program is an intervention mechanism that was developed to give a second chance to young girls, teen mothers and women who are the victims of the high school dropout trends yearly that after years of staying out of school, they still have the desire, passion and commitment to sit in class as private candidates, be tutored and prepared to sit for the exams and obtain Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. They go through the mentorship phase and be sensitized on a possible alternative and better life to what they are living.