Healthy and Support

INUA KIKE Health Care and Support programme is based on various health interventions that use a holistic approach to provide women and girls with health services.

The interventions socially empower women and girls through the INUA KIKE Health Centre and different projects that address health-related issues such as; reproductive health, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), shelter construction and rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support


Primary beneficiaries:

Poor, vulnerable women and girls, with or without disabilities from the urban informal settlements and interior rural areas of Kenya challenged by women and girls' economic dependency, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV), conflict, insensitive laws and policies.

Secondary beneficiaries:

Households headed by women and girls/widowed fostered, fostering/taking care of vulnerable children, girls, youth and men. The women and girls are the main bread winners.

INUA KIKE targets the improvement of livelihood and wellbeing of the vulnerable women and girls, girls and their families including their communities. INUA KIKE remains committed to serve its beneficiaries with a range of services for the improvement of their well-being.