One Girl At A Time Program

Social Entrepreneurship Program is structured to offer entrepreneurship training workshops for girls and young women living in extreme poverty both in and out of school context.

One Girl at a time social enterprise training program provides critical business tools and knowledge to improve lives and help reduce unemployment rates in informal settlements and devastated rural areas of Kenya. Each year, INUA KIKE leads four-week business skills training courses for girls and young women in schools and out of school settings. For participants, the program provides a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, how businesses are created and developed in different contexts and the role of education on economic development.

We are driven by the fact that having a university degree is no longer enough to find meaningful employment and INUA KIKE doesn’t consider a degree the end of our investment, we are not successful until girls/young women are able to start working, earn a living and become financially independent. That’s why INUA KIE’s Social Entrepreneurship Program is offering entrepreneurship training workshops that will teach girls and young women how to use their skills and interests to create small-scale businesses while they build their knowledge of business and develop a career.

In the school context, the workshops are designed to introduce Kenyan students to cases and concepts that are contextualized to fit their environment and business framework. In this context, the program supports girls in Kenya through the Cycle of Empowerment, a holistic approach that supports girls from the time they leave primary school until they graduate from university and gain meaningful employment.

Out of school context, the program scales up a successful model of social enterprise training, making it accessible to more young women in Kenya and empowering them to jump start their business ideas and become leaders within their communities.

We are currently partnering with different organizations and government agencies to offer tertiary training in computer packages and solar learning and installations for our out of school and in school target group certified by National Industrial Training Authority.