Socio-Economic Empowerment

Kike na Maendeleo Program

The program implemented by INUA KIKE aims to enhance the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable women and girls, families, and communities in Kenya. It addresses the disadvantages faced by women and girls due to low education levels and lack of profitable skills. The program’s core components include capacity development, financial credit provision, and entrepreneurship training.

Social economic empowerment
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The program's core components

Capacity Development

INUA KIKE provides capacity development opportunities for vulnerable women and girls, focusing on skill-building and knowledge enhancement. This is done through various initiatives like financial credit provision, income-generating activities, and the establishment of voluntary savings and loan associations. By equipping women and girls with valuable skills, the program aims to improve their economic prospects and overall well-being.

One Girl at a Time Social Enterprise Training Program

This initiative specifically targets girls and young women in schools and out-of-school settings. It offers four-week business skills training courses, aiming to reduce unemployment rates in informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya. Participants gain critical business tools and knowledge, which can help them create and develop small-scale businesses and income-generating activities.

INUA KIE's Social Entrepreneurship Program

The focus of this program is on entrepreneurship training workshops that teach girls and young women how to utilize their skills and interests to establish small-scale businesses. The program aims to build their business knowledge and develop a career, emphasizing that having a university degree alone is not sufficient for finding meaningful employment.

Cycle of Empowerment

¬†INUAKIKE’s holistic approach supports girls from the time they leave primary school until they graduate from university and secure meaningful employment. This comprehensive support ensures continuous empowerment, enabling girls to overcome barriers and achieve economic independence.


Primary Beneficiaries

Poor, vulnerable women and girls from urban informal settlements and interior rural areas of Kenya. They face multiple challenges like economic dependency, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), conflict, and insensitive laws and policies.

Secondary Beneficiaries

Households headed by women and girls, including widowed or fostering women caring for vulnerable children, girls, youth, and men. These women and girls are the primary breadwinners of their families

Overall, INUA KIKE remains committed to improving the livelihoods and well-being of vulnerable women, girls, and their families, as well as their communities. By providing various services, the program aims to empower them to become financially independent, successful entrepreneurs, and leaders within their communities, breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence